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Wow, what a machine! The first Mio to run iGO 8. Then why is the, certainly not cheap, name-changing operation is needed?

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We will try to ask someone official sometime. It has become a worldwide known brand by now; approx. Unfortunately there is no wall charger, so we have to use the data cable to feed our machine when not in the car.

Exterior The C highly resembles the aforementioned C and C, all of them have an elegant, clean design a bit too clean for some ; so overall the designers have created a nice little gadget. The case of the navi is made of hard plastic; other manufacturers usually use a material that is more comfortable for the hands. The x 81 x We shall finish very soon with the exterior of the device; the clean shapes offer very few sights.

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There is nothing else on the frontal part besides the display, a charge and a Bluetooth LED; the situation is similar on the top part, where lucca packaging home work can find the power button and nothing else.

Looking at the back of the navi we can see the speaker and the connector of the external antenna.

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On the bottom we can find the mini-USB connector, and a very spectacular, but rarely used, row of connectors, full of uncovered copper connectors. Since there is no stylus we have to use our fingers for screen-touching, but the menu is built up so that even those with sausage-fingers can use it easily.

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At the next review I will try a sausage, so that I can write my above statement in an authentic manner. I would like to mention the passive holder: it is one of the best I have seen in this category.

First it is the fixed type, so contrary to the goose-neck types, no shakes or swings can be experienced; second the central part of the holder can be turned to another position with one move and third the fairly large suction cup hangs onto the windshield powerfully.

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Besides navigation, the C can function as a Bluetooth handsfree, a bináris opciók nem fognak érinteni can sync with the contacts in our phone, and, furthermore, if the contacts have address data, than they will be placed on the map.

Besides these it can be used as a music player, it can cooperate with a stereo Bluetooth headset. There is a calendar with week and month view, and the device can also be used as a picture viewer, so there are a lots of uses besides navigation.

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Other, conclusion As there is no map for Hungary, the user lucca packaging home work is very close to zero in our country, so we had a little trip to the capital of the monarchy, especially because there was a veteran car exhibition there, with real rarities. As a conclusion my opinion of the C is that in its current state, with only a Western Europe map, for an estimated price of EUR, it is way too expensive.

We hope that we soon get the version including the map of our country.

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But until then, there is no award.

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